Corona reglas – clases



  • Do you have complaints such as a cold, cough, increase or sudden loss of taste or smell? Stay at home (and get tested).
  • 1.5 meters distance between the couples.
  • Cough / sneeze into the inside of the elbow.
  • Wash regularly your hands.

The lesson

  • There is no changing in the lesson or in the evening, hence one dance partner for the evening.
    This does not apply for the salon as we have a QR-code policy for our salon.
    N.B. For September it applies that in the lessons several dance partners for different lessons are allowed on one evening, provided you and dance partners are vaccinated. 
  • No other people in the room before or after the lesson; you can enter the room 5 minutes before the lesson.
  • Go already to the toilet at home (but there are toilets next to the room …).
  • Hand gel is provided, but hands can also be washed in the toilet.
  • As teachers, we may briefly dance with students; we decided not to do so. Because we are always present, we do not want to become a conduit.
  • There will be a list on which attendance in class is noted. This list is for the purpose of a possible source research by the GGD.
  • We cannot provide an occasional substitute dance partner.
  • It is going to be fun anyway 😊, like last year.


All rooms have air conditioning with ventilation according to ‘Corona’ standards.