Welcome at Tango Amsterdam – Arjan & Marianne


for tango lessons and tango salon De Plantage

Modestly danced and full of expression, a dialogue between man and woman in an embrace, this is the Argentine tango. 


We teach our students the tango as danced by young and old in the salons of Buenos Aires, i.e. in an embrace.

Central is dancing with each other in harmony with the music. We give great attention to posture, technique and the mutual communication of the dance couple.

Our experiences are based on our numerous stays in Buenos Aires from 1991 onwards, and on our contacts and lessons with our maestros there.

The pure approach to tango and the respect for its culture always comes first.

We teach since 1994.


Tango salon De Plantage

The salon with its beautiful dance floor and good acoustics, is known for its typical Argentine tango in a relaxed atmosphere. The choice of music by DJ el Irresistible (and guest DJ’s) also plays a very important role.

Address of our studio/salon



Sad, sensual, sleepy,
mixture of laughter and cries,
flies from the instruments,
gets into the heart,
igniting the passion
that is asleep in the soul.
‘Apología tanguera’ A. P. Maroni
     Tango salon De Plantage