Tango salon De Plantage

The tango salon with its beautiful wooden dance floor and good acoustics, is known for its typical Argentine tango in a relaxed atmosphere. The choice of music also plays a very important role.

Home-DJ is the very experienced (since 1994) DJ el Irresistible. Guest DJs will be announced.

Arjan & Marianne welcome you.

See an article about the salon in Tangodanza of July 2016.

               Address tango salon

Friday Sunday # Wednesday Outdoors
salon salon practice Oosterpark
2100 – 0200 1830 – 2400 2215 – 0015 1500 – 1800
all year round every 4th Sunday
of the month
all year round

14 and 21 Aug closed
2nd Sunday May-Sep
14/7 | 11/8 | 8/9
€ 7,-
more at a performance
€ 8,-
more at a performance
free voluntarily

Other information:

Practice: the Wednesday practice evening is aimed at students of all levels who are learning tango, also for those who don’t follow lessons at Tango Argentino Amsterdam. Come to practice, we are here to help if you have forgotten something.

Consumptions: during the salons there are drinks and delicious tapas. For the Sunday salon, there are empanadas, too.

Non-smoking: the salon space is non-smoking, but there is a smoking-lounge overlooking the dance floor.

# The next salons on Sunday are: 23 Jun, 28 Jul, 25 Aug, 22 Sep, 27 Oct, 24 Nov, 26 Dec X-Mas Salon, 27 Dec, 1 Jan New Year Salon, 26 Jan 2020, etc. on the fourth Sunday.

every year: Carel Kraayenhof and his Sexteto Canyengue


21 June 2019

2100 – 0200 | € 7,-

DJ el Irresistible

Irresistible and
certainly not arrogant;
with a fine nose for
beautifull dance music.

23 June 2019

1830 – 2400 | € 10,-

Guillermina van der Linden
José Carlos
Romero Vedia

Almost four years ago Willemijn sought her tango happiness in Buenos Aires, where she dedicated herself to the (professional) tango. Since two years she dances daily in the tango show Tango Lavalle Florida, along with 20 other dancers led by Jose Carlos Romero Vedia.

DJ el Irresistible


14 July
11 August
  8 September

1500 – 1800 | € voluntarily

DJ Peter B.

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