Tango Argentino Amsterdam aims, in addition to giving itself a wide range of courses (since 1994), to invite several times a year renowned maestro’s with a long track record to give workshops at affordable prices.

Angel Coria & Claudia Sortino

back in The Netherlands

1-3 November 2019


Performance Friday 1 November in salon De Plantage


SATURDAY 2 November 2019
Tech-1 technique for women and men
discover the axis, balance, posture, flexure amongst others
all levels 16:00 – 17:30
T-2 tango – ritmico
simple movements based on musical phrasing and rythm
half advanced/advanced 17:45 – 19:15
M-3 milonga – lisa/traspie
small sequences to use in dance and as means to facilitate learning
advanced/extra advanced 19:30 – 21:00

SUNDAY 3 November 2019
Muz-4 musicality for couples – a must for everyone
recognize phrase, rythm and momvement in the music
all levels 15:00 – 16:30
V-5 tango waltz
a.o. cadence: how to place accent in the rythm
half/extra advanced 16:45 – 18:15
T-6 tango – salon (music by Pugliese)
rythmic and melodic line in the music
extra advanced and higher 18:30 – 20:00

The workshops contain different material from last year.
Price Price workshop is € 22,-, second workshop is € 18,- per person;
third and each following workshop is € 15,- per person; payment on the day itself
Private lessons Take up contact for private lessons;
price for 1 hr private lesson is € 80,-
Location All lessons are being given in our studio:
Plantage Muidergracht 155 – Amsterdam
Enrolment and info e-mail
tel. 020-6955448

Workshops Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam
Workshops Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam

Maestro Angel Coria is dancer and actor and has been around in dancing for a long time. He danced the partner of leading dancer Mia Maestro, in the well known film, Tango of Carlos Saura, and performed the role of assistent of the choreographer maestro Juan Carlos Copes.

As dancer Angel shows his passion in a playfull way, as well as in an elegant and sensual style. In tango the dancer uses his imagination and creativity to tell, in a few minutes, a story of love or hate. He transmits that deep conection not only to his partner, but also to the audiance.

Angel shared the stage with great maestros like Copes, los Rivarolas, Sexteto Mayor, and many many others. Furthermore, he was choreographer for many shows as Buenos Aires Bohemio, El Viejo Almacén, Señor Tango, etc.

Angel toured all over the world.

He is an experienced, devoted and unpretending maestro. When you experience Angel you will meet precision, control, elegance and a rich musical interpratation.

When teaching he explores the potential of the student and encourages personal creativity. “Legs and feet have a very exclusive language, able to tell silent figures words cannot tell. The tango begins up in the mind and goes down to the heart”.

Angel is loyal to his essential characteristics and defends the traditional tango. He mixes also old and modern tango without losing his specific style.

Since a number of years he has settled in Italia (Sicilia) where he has his own school: Alterazioni Tango, with Claudia Sortino, who is educated as modern and clasic dancer.

  • Earlier with Tango Argentino Amsterdam each year from 2009 onwards.

Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam Angel & Claudia with Tango Argentino Amsterdam



Angel Coria

1 -3 November 2019 with Claudia

Performance Friday, November 1 in salon De Plantage.



  • with Tango Argentino Amsterdam yearly from 2009 (2009 with Aurora, 2014 with Claudia)



Jorge Firpo

Around April-May 2020


  • regularly (with Aurora) since 1997 in Amsterdam
  • with Tango Argentino Amsterdam yearly from 2007




Aurora Lubiz


  • Aurora (with Firpo) regularly since 1997 in Amsterdam
  • Aurora (with Angel) with Tango Argentino Amsterdam in 2009
  • Aurora (with Luciano) with Tango Argentino Amsterdam 2011 and 2012
  • Aurora (with Fernando) with Tango Argentino Amsterdam 2017



Rubén & Sabrina


  • with Tango Argentino Amsterdam in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010



Tony & Andreas


  • with Tango Argentino Amsterdam in 2006 and 2008
Angel created a unique, simple and accessible system, with the goal of making the student to recognize a phrase, rhythm and movement, characteristic to the tango, tango waltz and milonga.

This method brings confidence and ease to the movement when navigating on the floor, and helps to enjoy more of the richness of the music.