Arjan regularly gives lectures on tango and its history.

The lectures give in a nutshell the origins and early years of the tango. It elaborates on the first tango musical forms and the development to the sextet in the 1920s, the formation of the tango orchestra and eventually Piazzolla.

The second element in the lecture is the development of the tango lyricism.

The third element consists of the tango dance. The lecture shows how the dance changes from the early years around 1900 to the 1980s.

The lecture takes an hour, half of which consists of (unique) images and music. The first took place in 2001 in the Royal Tropical Institute at the series tango concerts. After that more followed in libraries and some tango salons throughout the country.

In July 2007 Arjan gives, in collaboration with Carel Kraayenhof and his Sexteto Canyengue, a comprehensive reading of 90 minutes in the Concertgebouw during the Three Days of Carel Kraayenhof. The music part covers the early tango to the tango nuevo of Piazzolla.


Marianne van Berlo – oil pastel

“Mournful, sensual and sleepy
a mixture of laughter and complaint
of the instruments come flying along,
enters the body,
and kindle the passion
that lies in the soul to sleep.”

‘Apología tanguera’, A. P. Maroni