Arjan & Marianne teach in

Grand Café Frankendael Amsterdam

The tango we teach to our students is the tango as danced by young and old in the salons of Buenos Aires, i.e. in an embrace.

Central is dancing with each other in harmony with the music. We give great attention to posture, technique and the mutual communication of the dance couple.

In our tango lessons the pure approach to tango and respect for its culture comes first.

We teach since 1994.

Licence for the use of music in our studio: 50704425/6 (buma/sena)


Courses of 10 lessons are offered three times a year, namely:

  • mid-January
  • beginning of April  (Apr-Jun)
  • mid-September

We work intensively with our students. Our courses last ten weeks, this gives time for building up and to make oneself familiar with the material of the course.

In order to facilitate your start in the tango, basic 1 students are allowed to attend extra classes of the basic 1 course at no extra cost (hence more than ten classes).

Prior to the tango courses we always give free introduction classes.


See also our History page

Tango lessons Tango Amsterdam

CD with 20 tango orchestra's

A cd with tango music as present

The tango orchestras from the golden years show a variegated wealth of tango music styles. For inspiration and to find a way in these styles, each new student get from us a cd with music of these orchestras. This cd is released independently in 2011.

Cafézaal in Frankendael for the classes
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